Monday, October 19, 2009

Twitter Screenwriting Chat

Writers have #writechat, now screenwriters have #scriptchat, Sundays at 8pm EST(5pm PST).

Born via @yeah_write, @zacsanford, @KageyNYC and myself (@jeannevb), our goal is to bring seasoned and aspiring screenwriters together to learn, grow, and nurture our craft… and each other.

At the designated time, simply search the hashtag #scriptchat and jump in. NOTE: Make sure you add that hashtag to your tweet or other followers won’t see your comments.

We’ll post a different topic each chat. If you have suggestions or requests for topics, please @ me on Twitter or leave a comment below.

Let’s join together and learn. Feel free to BYOB, after all, it’s a party.

“We aren’t competitors, we’re a community.”

UPDATE: If #scriptchat becomes a trending topic, @zacsanford will give one lucky participant a full development session for FREE! Tweet & WIN!


  1. Right on! Glad you are rallying the troops!

  2. woohoo... a COMMENT! Thanks, Tina! The rest of you fellow screenwriters, please, we really do want feedback and suggestions for topics. Let's see how much we can learn while having a great time.

  3. Excited for tonight's chat. Hope you aren't too tired from your filmfest activities.

  4. I'm never too tired to drink & chat with my fellow writers : )