Saturday, May 8, 2010

a disease diagnosed... an author born

November 22, 2008 is the day my life changed forever. Only months ago, I was an innocent 10-year-old running around carefree.  Then Crohn’s disease forced me to become a prisoner in my house.  I wouldn’t dare try to walk in fear that my stomach would explode. Lying down on the couch, watching old reruns of “Full House,” I dreamed of a book with a child’s perspective of Crohn’s with the hope of finding a cure.  Google was the only option to search for my dream book, but all I found were medical versions only adults could understand.

As time progressed, and tons of medicine ingested, my life began to return to normal… almost. Even though I was feeling better, I always felt a pang of guilt, running around playing soccer when I knew other children were still very sick.  

Flashbacks of my dream of a children’s Crohn’s book pushed me to think if nobody else had the “guts” to write one, why couldn’t I?? For two months my fingers were sore from typing my special story about a girl who has Crohn’s disease, and through her determination, she finds a cure. Madison popcorn, snickers, and cashews were finally reunited!!

I believe, children with this serious illness will finally have something to look up to and something uplifting to read while they are feeling down.  Being 12 doesn’t mean that I can’t follow my dream.

~Grace Wilgucki

Our brave niece, Grace, is participating in the 2010 Take Steps for Crohn’s and Colitis Walkathon.  Please CLICK HERE to help her reach her $500 goal and help the effort in finding a cure.

If any children’s book publishers or agents are lurking out there, please contact me if you’d like to read Grace’s wonderful book.  Email: