The Real Me

A midlife crisis led Jeanne from a 15-year ownership of a motel and restaurant to becoming an insecure writer.  She was working on a novel until a fellow Cornell graduate convinced her to try screenwriting.  Together, they wrote several scripts and have pitched their work to some of the biggest production companies in Hollywood. 
Jeanne adapted the 2009 Pulitzer Prize winning book, Slavery by Another Name, with its author, Douglas A. Blackmon, Senior National Correspondent of The Wall Street Journal.  Jeanne is an active blogger and launched her freelance career with an upcoming article in Writer’s Digest Magazine on her own wild Twitter Pimp Angel ride.  She's a regular contributor to Write On Online, and together with Rachel Langer, she started a blog dedicated to social media and writers,  After a six-year hiatus, her novel is back in progress. 

Beyond writing, Jeanne is one of the founders of ScriptChat, a Twitter screenwriting chat, where screenwriters come together to learn… with no ego.  She’s the USA moderator, blog mistress, and pimp of all that is #scriptchat

Self-described “writer of things,” Jeanne pursues writing anything from blog posts, articles, novels, short stories, screenplays… and beyond.  Visit the Published Clips tab above for more of her work.  If it’s something that can move you, she’ll find a way to write it.

Follow her on Twitter for her full crazy stream of insecurity. 


*perhaps I've battled insecurity because my parents didn't give me any clothes...